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The W Tool is a manually operated hydraulic Rescue tool designed for multiple types of Public Safety operations.


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W-TOOL "Real World" Testimonials


December 19, 2011, I wanted to thank you again for going out of your way to visit the Concord High School Fire Academy and conduct the training for the Academy and local Public Safety agencies. The recruits thoroughly enjoyed and were very impressed with the capabilities of the W-Tool and the Fan Hanger. The group that you worked with has already shared the tools capabilities with several local volunteer Fire Departments, and is preparing to demonstrate on Thursday the capabilities of the W-Tool to a visiting school system and Emergency Services Coordinator for their local Community College program when they visit the Fire Academy. As we prepare for the upcoming Holidays, the W-Tool that you provided to the Concord High School Fire Academy will be riding the busiest Engine Co. in the City of Concord, NC. Chief Allen, the Deputy Chief of Operations for Concord Fire and life Safety is very excited to see how his personnel like the tool.

I will be demonstrating the W- Tool for the City of Kannapolis Fire Department later this week after the school system visit.

I know that you appreciate the nature of our Fire Academy and how we touch and shape the future of the Fire Service. Thank you again for all that you have done to assist us. Have aVery Safe and Merry Christmas and a Great Start to the New Year.

David Barlow, Chief
Concord High School
Fire Academy


July 6th, 2011, I saw the W-Tool at the NE Fire Chief's Show in Springfield, MA, last year. I was intrigued by the idea of 'non-destructive' building entry, especially for residential calls such as "well-being checks" and house lock-outs. I convinced our Chief to purchase one. I made a door prop and during training noticed the skeptical looks from many fire fighters. Well, we've used it a dozen or so times in the past three months - so much so that the skeptics asked for - and we bought - a second W-Tool. I expect that in a year or two, all 4 of our engines will have a W-Tool.

Capt. Eugene Rothman
Natick Fire Department, MA


On Monday, October 5, 2009, the Waynesboro Fire Department made successful entry into a new town home following the homeowner accidentally locking her 5-month old inside. Upon dispatch, the conditions of the child inside were given and the WFD arrived on scene to find a mother distraught. The front doorway was a standard residential door with side-glass on either side. The glass on the sides extended from door handle height to the top of the door. From the handle height down, the sides consisted of decorative aluminum panel. The W-TOOL was applied by firefighters and the door was opened in under 30 seconds. The mother was relieved to find the child safe and also to find that the door sustained zero damage. Even the side-glass was in good shape, Very Impressed! Please provide me with a price quote for (3) additional W-TOOL's.

LT. John R. Beck
Waynesboro Fire Department
Waynesboro PA


On 03/03/11 at 1925 hours I was dispatched to a residence in North Huntingdon Twp. The caller (a daughter of the victim) was very far away and on her way to her mother's house that she could not get a hold of all day. I responded for a well fair check. I arrived on scene, the neighbors stated that the home owner lives alone, has a vehicle and they can see the vehicle in the garage, there are lights on in the house, they could hear the TV but no answer at the door. I checked the residence to see if there were any doors unlocked and there were none. I had taken the W-TOOL with me just in case. I used the W-TOOL on the front door and found the victim still alive but in distress, she had appeared to have had a stroke. She was on the floor in the dinning room. EMS was called, they were on scene and Pt loaded and heading out the door when the daughter arrived. After her mother was taken away in the ambulance, the daughter asked me how we got in. I reached down picked up the W-TOOL and showed her the tool and said with this. I advised her how it worked and that she could still use and "lock" the front door. She was very appreciative of us and the W-TOOL. The victim did have a stroke and is recovering in the hospital.

Officer Bill Sombo
North Huntingdon Township Police Department
North Huntingdon PA

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